Team Building Workshops

Corporate training and team building for corporate bonding building trust and communication, develop skills and team development, develop your skills and improve interpersonal relationships by taking risks and change management and learning adaptation skills

Corporate Games Designed to Have Fun, Laugh, and Learn Important Skills for Working Together as a Team!

About me

Robert offers Team Building Workshops for improved relationships, communication, team building, trust, and public speaking. Plan all you want, but in the end, work is about building relationships and adjusting to change as fast as it happens. With Robert, you learn how to become a better communicator, build a stronger team, create a more positive work environment, and stimulate creativity. In a fun and safe atmosphere, attendees will learn practical skills and tips that are customized for the group that can be directly applied to their work and personal life. These skills are also useful for facilitating groups, meeting new people, interviews, and presenting in front of an audience with confidence. Great for groups up to 500 people.

Robert’s team building workshops help with:

  • Increasing Confidence
  • Improving Public Speaking Skills
  • Gaining Comfort in Social Situations
  • Refining Brainstorming Skills
  • Improving Listening and Observation Skills.
  • Enhancing Creativity
  • Improving Decision Making Skills
  • Team Development Skills
  • Improving Interpersonal Relationships
  • Cultivating Trust
  • Thinking Quickly Under Pressure
  • Heightening Focus
  • Becoming Comfortable Taking Risks
  • Giving Up the Need to Anticipate and Control Situations
  • Creatively Dealing with Ambiguous and Constantly Changing Conditions

Team Building Opportunities

Business Dinners can be a great way of celebrating milestones or just to give your employees a break from work and to socialize with others in the company. This way the relations can be built for a stronger team of people working in your company.

Networking Events are one of the best ways of marketing your business. Get your clients, employees and others within your field to meet in one place to relax and to talk and connect.

Product Launch Parties are a great reason to have an event. You have just released a new product in the market and what better way to celebrate and get the buzz created around the product.

Holiday Parties are a great way of employers to show their appreciation for all the hard work their staff have done during the year.

Employee Appreciation Parties such as award ceremonies are a great way of boosting your staff moral and for them to know that you appreciate their contribution to your company.

Client Appreciation Parties have the same objective as above but instead of the people working for you, it’s holding an event to show your appreciation to your customers and client for being loyal to you. Your suppliers and others who have helped in some way towards your business can also be included here.

Seminars are educational events that encourages staff and clients to broaden their knowledge of your company and products.

Trade Shows are an essential way of positioning products in the industry and to create a brand image. This in turn leads to generating new leads.

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